Over the years our team has installed, commissioned, de-commissioned, removed, refurbished, and maintained many different consoles vintage and modern. Our recording console repairs team has huge experience with Neve and SSL, API, Trident, Neotek, Amek, and TLA to name but a few. We have encountered the whole range of problems that this critical piece of studio equipment central to all operations can be prone to.

Failed studio air conditioning leading to overheating both in power supplies and channels, poor grounding and the all too common failure of electrolytic capacitors over time leading ever increasing loss of frequency response and other issues. We can provide maintenance engineers to overhaul your consoles or provide regular maintenance.

Barney is one of the most conscientious, hard working and efficient maintenance engineers I have ever known. He takes getting things right and doing a good job very personally and I am glad I have Miloco Repairs for keeping Toast rolling!

Craig Silvey, Producer (The Horrors, The National, Goldfrapp, Editors)

Great speedy service from the knowledgeable Barney and Miloco boffins – cleaning mic capsules, repairing humming speakers, sourcing parts for a 1960s spring reverb and tube compressor. whatever I’ve thrown at them hasn’t thrown them. Thanks.

Richard X, Producer (Will Young, Erasure, Annie)

Thank you for such a quick, friendly and efficient service. Everything, from high-end outboard and a vintage tape echo to obscure home-made effects, was fixed perfectly.

Leo Abrahams, Producer/Engineer (Brian Eno, David Holmes, Brett Anderson, Paloma Faith)

The service we have received from Miloco has been great. A combination of expert engineers, quick turnaround and a fine attention to detail, all at very reasonable prices make Miloco our number one choice for all maintenance services. I have and will continue to recommend Miloco as the best maintenance service I have come across.

Sam Keyte (Kensaltown Studios)