Miloco have been running the most successful recording studios for over 30 years. With more than 50 recording studios on our roster there is barely a piece of audio equipment in existence that we haven’t come across and had to repair at some point. Now we want to offer what we know to take the pain out of repairing your own equipment.

Miloco Repairs is a new service that aims to approach the often frustrating task of studio equipment repairs with minimal fuss or downtime. Based in London and utilising a combination of our own inhouse maintenance teams and specialised external maintenance engineers we are offering an efficient, competitively

priced pro audio equipment repair service. We can repair Outboard, Consoles, Microphones, Amplifiers, Keyboards and Synths and all sorts of other Pro audio gear. On top of this we can refurbish gear, install studios and also build them. For a detailed look at some of our equipment repair services head over here.

Welcome to Miloco Repairs